Sprayer in yard.


Lawn Applications

Control unwanted weeds and pests.Weed control and Fertilization: Our years of turf management have given us the keys to success in growing healthy turf and controlling unwanted weeds.  We work with a fertilizer manufacturer that can blend fertilizer specific to our needs and provide us with results. Our weed control is year round with pre-emergent herbicides in late winter and early fall and continues with post-emergent herbicides anytime that weeds may be present.  Using the latest technology in weed control applications from trusted manufacturers has given us results on hard to control weeds.

Insect and Disease Control: We utilize Best Management Practices given by the LSU AgCenter in our insect and disease management.  This begins with properly managed lawn that is more resilient to attacks from insect and disease. Pesticides are applied in a proactive manner to help strengthen your lawn from these pests.




Landscape Applications

Control unwanted weeds and pests.Pest control in the landscape beds is from the ground up.  It begins with broadcast applications in the beds and continues with treating individual plants throughout the landscape.  

Fertilization:  We utilize the same technology fertilizer that we use on your lawn to give your plants the nutrients that they require.

Weed Control:  Preventative herbicides greatly reduces the pressure from unwanted plants in your landscape beds.  These applications are made in the Spring and Fall.